Huberman Lab Ep 2: Dr. Andy Galpin

Huberman Lab Ep 2: Dr. Andy Galpin
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

In this episode 2 of a 6-part special series, I explain optimal protocols for increasing strength and causing hypertrophy (muscle growth), as well as for increasing speed and power. I also explain the training principles and underlying mechanisms for reaching these goals.

Our conversation covers a breadth of training topics, including selecting the number of repetitions, sets, inter-set and inter-workout rest periods, warm-ups, exercise cadence, breathing, stretching, recovery, training frequency, overcoming plateaus, nutrition, and we give specific examples of exercises for power, strength, and hypertrophy.


00:00:00 Benefits of Strength & Hypertrophy Training, Aging

00:10:52 Strength & Hypertrophy Training, Aesthetics 

00:14:02 Momentous, Eight Sleep, Levels

00:17:48 Strength vs. Hypertrophy Training: Adaptations

00:22:42 Ligaments, Tendons & Resistance Training

00:28:05 Bone Strength & Resistance Training, Age, Women

00:32:38 Strength Training & Major Adaptations

00:41:32 AG1 (Athletic Greens) 

00:42:25 Hypertrophy Training & Major Adaptations; Protein Synthesis

00:45:56 Endurance vs. Strength Training & Cell Signaling, Protein Synthesis

00:52:26 Muscle Hypertrophy, Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

00:56:37 Muscle Physiology & Plasticity, Muscle “Memory”

01:04:00 Non-Negotiables & Modifiable Variables of Exercise Training

01:11:51 InsideTracker

01:12:53 Tool: Speed & Power Training, “3 to 5” Approach, Periodization, Planning 

01:22:02 Warming Up & Training, Dynamic Movements

01:30:55 Strength vs. Hypertrophy Repetition Cadence, Triphasic Training

01:44:03 Tool: Breathing & Training, Valsalva Technique

01:53:22 Tool: Training Auto-Regulation, Specificity vs. Variation, Prilepin's Chart

02:02:35 Training to Failure, Exercise Selection & Recovery, Standardization

 02:13:45 Tool: Power vs. Strength Training & Modifiable Variables; Supersets 

02:24:22 Sets & Rest Periods; Stretching

02:28:48 Tools: Power Training & Modifiable Variables; Examples

02:30:16 Tools: Strength Training & Modifiable Variables, Cluster Sets, Dynamic Variable Sets

02:40:44 Power & Strength Training Protocols

02:43:37 Intention, Focus & Exercise

02:47:29 Hypertrophy Training Program, Muscle Growth & Signaling 

02:55:12 Tools: Hypertrophy Training & Modifiable Variables; Examples

03:03:02 Balanced Muscle Development & Hypertrophy

03:09:04 Tools: Hypertrophy Training & Modifiable Variables; Splits

03:23:08 “Non-Responders” & Exercise Plateaus, Volume

03:27:06 Hypertrophy, Repetition & Rest Ranges, Muscle Failure, “Chaos Management”

03:37:39 Frequency & Workout Duration, Splits

03:44:52 Training Frequency, Infrequent Training, Intermediate Repetition Ranges

03:55:22 Hypertrophy, Muscle Damage & Recovery

04:01:15 Combining Cardiovascular & Hypertrophy Training, Interference Effect

04:06:22 Hypertrophy Training Protocols 

04:12:06 Tool: Neck & Rear Deltoid Exercises, Stabilization & Hypertrophy

04:14:42 Hypertrophy: Reps, Sets & Progression, “Hidden” Stressors, Exercises to Avoid

04:21:09 Deliberate Cold Exposure & Hypertrophy vs. Strength

04:26:41 Nutrition, Timing & Strength/Hypertrophy; Creatine

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