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What Your NEED to Know About Box Jumps

What Your NEED to Know About Box Jumps
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

Box jumps are a great exercise, especially for added power. 

HOWEVER, they will NOT add power unless you do the powerfully. Sets of 10, 20, 0r 30 are absolutely useless for this particular goal. 

While we’re here, box jumps are also poor exercise for muscle hypertrophy. 

If the goal is max power development, jump as high as you can. Rest. Repeat.

The box height doesn't even really matter, it's just a tool to help mentally. Higher boxes doesn't necessarily mean more power output.

Not a criticism of high-rep box jumps at all. They are obviously effective for other goals (such as endurance and pain tolerance), just not peak power development.

Rather, it's clarification of one of the fundamental concepts of program design: exercises themselves do not determine adaptation, the application of the exercise matters.

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