Level Up Your Cardio: Power Project Ep 890

Level Up Your Cardio: Power Project Ep 890
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By Dan Garner

An inside look at the preparation that @marksmellybell and I did for his Boston Marathon.

In this episode, we breakdown:

1. Different Types of Runs

2. Running Intensity Targets

3. Preventing Injury

4. Safe Ways to Start Running

5. Aerobic Capacity Benefits

6. Fartlek vs. Tempo vs. Interval

7. Favorite Conditioning Methods

8. BJJ Conditioning

9. Intra-Workout Nutrition

10. Carbs + Electrolytes

11. Best Supplements

And a bunch more.

This is my 4th episode now with the boys at @mbpowerproject and I already can't wait to come back and get some more.

Grateful for the opportunity gentlemen, until the next one!




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