What Makes the “World’s Best Diet”

What Makes the “World’s Best Diet”
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By Dan Garner

The best diet in the world will always be the one that you can stick to.

From a purely scientific perspective; the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of your diet will not impact your rate of fat loss as much as your total calorie balance.

However, from a practical implementation standpoint, the way in which you structure your protein/carbohydrate/fat intake will determine your adherence and therefore your long-term success with this approach in the real world.  

This is important to care about because research routinely demonstrates that the single greatest predictor of fat loss is long-term adherence to a diet that includes a caloric deficit.

The keyword there is "adherence" and not just the "caloric deficit".

Any unqualified trainer can pull out a calculator and tell you what your calorie deficit should be, yet, this "science-based approach" is exactly why so many diets fail.

If you want to maximize your chance of success on a fat loss diet, you must individualize your protein/carbohydrate/fat intake based on both your health AND your personal preference.

You don't need to follow someone's "rules" because one size never fits all. Not to mention biology, psychology, and emotional triggers are infinitely complex from one individual to the next. To remove these things from your diet structure is to remove yourself from the diet structure.

If the only way you know how to lose fat is to adopt an extreme method then your results will never be permanent because your only tool for transformation doesn't consider the most important factor which is your likelihood of long-term adherence.

Stop thinking in terms of body transformation and start thinking in terms of life transformation.

There is no "best" diet structure, there is only the best diet structure for YOU.

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