Huberman Lab Ep 1: Dr. Andy Galpin

Huberman Lab Ep 1: Dr. Andy Galpin
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

In this episode 1 of a 6-part special series, I explain the 9 different types of exercise adaptations that can be used to transform the functional capacities and aesthetics of our body, and benefits each adaptation has for our health. 

I also explain the best evidence-based protocols to optimize your progress in building strength, endurance, muscle growth, flexibility and for optimal recovery, and provide zero-cost and low-cost tests to assess all aspects of your physical fitness.

This episode provides a foundation and tools for establishing a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness level, allowing you to select the ideal fitness programs to implement toward your goals.

Subsequent episodes 2-6 in this special series explain goal-directed protocols to reach those goals.


00:00:00 Dr. Andy Galpin

00:02:04 Assessing Fitness 

00:05:40 9 Exercise-Induced Adaptations 

00:10:56 Assessing Fitness Levels per Category; Fat Loss & Health

00:13:33 Momentous, LMNT, Eight Sleep

00:17:20 Lifetime Endurance Training: VO2 Max & Other Health Metrics

00:26:10 Genetics vs. Lifestyle, Endurance Training & Identical Twins

00:33:49 Aging, Muscle Fibers & Exercise

00:37:12 Lifetime Strength Training & Outcomes 

00:39:58 AG1 (Athletic Greens)

00:40:51 Exercise Physiology History; Strength Training Popularity

00:51:26 Bodybuilding & Misconceptions; Circuit/Group Training 

00:57:22 Women & Weight Training

01:04:19 Exercise Physiology History & Current Protocol Design

01:06:15 InsideTracker

01:07:18 Movement/Skill Test

01:12:38 Speed Test, Power Test

01:18:42 Strength Test

01:27:16 Hypertrophy Test

01:29:38 Muscular Endurance Test, Push-Up

01:36:23 Anaerobic Capacity Test, Heart Rate

01:39:29 Maximal Heart Rate Test, VO2 Max

01:42:42 Long Duration Steady State Exercise Test

01:44:00 Fitness Testing Frequency & Testing Order

01:52:44 VO2 Max Measurements

01:58:04 Protocols for the 9 Adaptations

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