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Dr. Andy Galpin

Scientist | Teacher | Coach

My Mission

My goal is to enhance the human condition by providing the world with in-depth and entertaining health, human performance, and nutrition education.


Andy has been a full-time Professor at CSU Fullerton since 2011 (tenured in 2016 and promoted to “Full” Prof in 2020) and Director of the Center for Sport Performance since 2015 where he conducts research on anything he believes think is relevant to human performance. Andy’s interests range from nutrition to strength training to single muscle fiber physiology (he’s performed hundreds of muscle biopsies) to breathwork and much more. Andy’s CV is all over the place, and he loves it that way - He’s published innovative methodologies for measuring signaling proteins in individual human muscle fibers, how heavy resistance bands alter the deadlift, the muscle characteristics of elite male and female (Olympic) weightlifters, the influence of intermittent dieting on athletes and much much more.


At CSUF Andy teaches Sr/Grad classes in Strength & Conditioning, Program Design, Muscle Physiology, Applied S&C, and Nutrition for Performance. It was his frustration with teaching that led to the creation of BioMolecular Athlete as a better way simply had to exist. That’s also why Andy agreed to step into the public space with social media and podcasts and has been featured all around the internet. Like this one with his friend, Joe Rogan. Andy even has his very own IMDB page through his work with international combat superstar Conor McGregor, and was also featured in this article by Men’s Health.


What good is research if it doesn’t stand up to application? Andy has been blessed to work with professional athletes for more than 15 years. His client list includes NBA All-Starts, MLB MVPs, Olympic medalists, HOF’s from multiple sports, NFL Pro Bowlers, and the #1 athlete in three major American sports (MMA, MLB, PGA) just to name a few. Many more clients are under strict NDAs, but that list also includes Olympians like Helen Maroulis (wrestling) and Morghan King (weightlifting), World-Title contending boxer Mike Lee, UFC stars Brian Ortega, Tatiana Suarez, Matt Brown, and Scott Holtzman, 25x World Record Powerlifter Stefi Cohen.


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Dr. Andy Galpin