Huberman Lab Ep 3: Dr. Andy Galpin

Huberman Lab Ep 3: Dr. Andy Galpin
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

This is episode 3 of a 6-part special series on fitness, exercise and performance I explain protocols to improve the various kinds of physical endurance: muscular endurance, anerobic capacity, maximum aerobic output, and long duration endurance.

I also explain how the body uses different energy sources (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) during rest and exercise. We also discuss the mechanisms underlying fat loss and how and why exercise accelerates rates of fat loss. We cover the many concepts related to endurance training and fat loss such as metabolic flexibility, breathwork training for exercise performance and recovery, lactate production and regulation, how to improve blood flow to muscles, anaerobic vs. aerobic metabolism, exercise fatigue, low-carbohydrate diets and fat loss, and how to combine different types of workouts to improve overall endurance.

This episode in intended for everyone ranging from novice and recreational exercisers to elite endurance athletes. Anyone wishing to improve their physical health and performance stands to benefit from the information.


00:00:00 Endurance: Benefits, Mechanics & Breathing 

00:07:30 Tool: “Exercise Snacks”

00:14:21 Momentous, Levels, LMNT

00:18:01 Endurance Categories

00:22:16 Fat Loss & Respiration; Carbon Cycles & Storage, Metabolism

00:33:08 Exhalation Rates, Exercise & Fat Loss; Calories 

00:41:47 Cardiovascular Adaptations, Cardiac Output & Maximum Heart Rate

00:47:03 AG1 (Athletic Greens)

00:47:55 Excess Post-Exercise Consumption (EPOC); Exercise Intensity & Fat vs. Carbohydrate Energy Utilization

00:59:35 Tool: Training for Fat Loss, Carbohydrate Stores, Liver Glycogen & Fatigue

01:08:01 Metabolic Flexibility, Carbohydrates & Fat; Exercise & Flexible Fuel Utilization 

01:16:07 Muscle & Basal Metabolic Rate

01:19:40 InsideTracker

01:20:43 Assessing Metabolic Flexibility, Blood Glucose, Carbohydrates

01:27:48 Caffeine, High-Carbohydrate Meals & Timing, Managing Daily Energy 

01:36:42 Cellular Energy (ATP) Production from Carbs; Lactate; Anerobic, Aerobic

01:50:45 Lactate, Energy Production Buffer

01:53:14 Fuel Sources & Exercise; Mitochondria, Oxygen Availability & Lactate

02:02:50 Lactate for Exercise & Cognitive Performance

02:04:33 Energy Production, Waste Management & Endurance Exercise; Insulin

02:12:49 Protein & Fat Utilization for Energy; Exercise & Fat Loss

02:21:20 Protein as Fuel Source, Fire Analogy 

02:26:39 Low-Carbohydrate Diet & Performance

02:29:40 Muscular Endurance: Fuel Sources, Training & Capillarization

02:37:30 Tool: Muscular Endurance & Modifiable Variables; Examples

02:45:07 Anerobic Capacity: Fuel Sources, Training & Oxygen Utilization 

02:49:23 Tool: Cardiac Output, Heart Rate Zones & Breathing “Gear System”

02:58:10 Tool: Anerobic Capacity & Modifiable Variables; Examples, Nasal Recovery

03:11:45 Tool: “Sugarcane” Endurance Protocol 

03:14:02 Anerobic Capacity, Training Progression 

03:16:40 Tool: Maximum Aerobic Output, Training & Modifiable Variables

03:21:58 Tool: Long Duration Endurance, Training, Circuits

03:25:13 Long Duration Endurance, Capillarization, Fatigue & Breathwork, Technique

03:29:10 Weekly Combination Training, Metabolic Flexibility & Longevity

03:37:23 Tool: Mixed Endurance Training, Half Marathon Example

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