Huberman Lab Ep 5: Dr. Andy Galpin

Huberman Lab Ep 5: Dr. Andy Galpin
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

In this episode 5 of a 6-part special series on fitness, I explain how to optimize post-training recovery and how to avoid overtraining in order to better achieve your fitness and exercise goals. I also explain the cellular mechanisms of muscle soreness and pain, why adequate recovery is essential for all physical adaptations, and how to enhance recovery using breathwork, thermal, movement, and pressure-based techniques.

I also describe how overtraining impedes exercise progress and how to assess if you are overreaching or overtraining, by using specific biomarkers and indicators. Like other performance metrics, recovery is a skill that can and should be trained, and that can be learned.

This episode provides an actionable toolkit for how to monitor and improve your exercise recovery abilities, which will improve your overall mental and physical health.


00:00:00 Recovery

00:04:17 Exercise & Delayed Muscle Soreness, Pain

00:11:35 Muscle Spindles, Reduce Soreness

00:18:56 Exercise, Homeostasis & Hormesis; Blood Test & Fitness Level

00:30:20 Recovery Timescales, Adaptation & Optimization

00:35:10 Adaptation & Biomarkers Levels

00:40:36 4 Recovery Levels, Enhance Recovery

00:47:28 AG1 (Athletic Greens)

00:48:19 Overreaching vs. Overtraining

00:52:53 Tool: Acute Overload & Recovery, Breathwork

01:03:39 Tool: Alleviate Acute Soreness, Compression Clothing

01:08:27 Tool: Acute Soreness, Massage, Temperature

01:14:21 Cold & Heat Contrast, Cold Shower vs. Immersion, Sauna & Fertility

01:20:44 InsideTracker

01:21:46 Combine Recovery Techniques

01:24:34 Monitoring for Overreaching & Overtraining

01:31:33 Overreaching/Overtraining, Performance & Physiology, Sleep

01:45:41 Overreaching/Overtraining, Biomarkers, Cortisol

01:50:45 Cortisol, Daily Levels & Performance; Rhodiola Supplementation

02:01:25 Carbohydrates, Cortisol & Sleep

02:05:05 Tool: Stress Biomarkers, Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

02:15:07 Tool: “Acute State Shifters”, Stimulants, Dopamine Stacking, Phones

02:25:04 Mirrors & Resistance Training

02:29:01 Tool: “Chronic State Shifters”

02:32:43 Training Recovery & Resilience; Bowling Alley Analogy

02:39:45 Trigger Adaptations & Stress Recovery 

02:42:41 Tool: Measure Recovery; Blood Biomarkers

02:50:06 Libido & Sex Hormones, Supplementation Caution

03:00:08 Tools: No-/Low-Cost Recovery Measurements

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