Huberman Lab Ep 6: Dr. Andy Galpin

Huberman Lab Ep 6: Dr. Andy Galpin
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

In this episode 6 of a 6-part series on fitness, I explain optimal nutrition, hydration and supplementation to achieve your fitness goals. We cover macronutrient guidelines, when to eat relative to training and training fasted versus fed. I also describe proper hydration for before and during exercise, how dehydration and/or low electrolyte concentrations impede physical and mental performance.

We discuss what supplements work best for fitness and performance, how to decide which to take, if any, and when to take them. I also share high-impact, lower-cost supplements and nutrition recommendations to benefit performance, recovery, and sleep.

This episode also includes an audience Q&A. Overall, it is an in-depth but clear discussion of nutrition strategies and supplements that can help anyone improve their level of fitness physical and mental performance. 


00:00:00 Nutrition & Supplementation

00:05:16 Creatine Supplementation, Muscle & Cognitive Function, Loading Phase

00:16:51 Momentous, Levels, LMNT

00:20:31 Dehydration, Overhydration, Night Urination

00:35:37 Tool: Hydration, Caffeine & Electrolytes

00:41:22 Tool: Sweating, Salt & Performance

00:48:57 AG1 (Athletic Greens)

00:49:49 Galpin Equation for Hydration & Exercise, Focus

00:55:28 Tool: 5 Steps to Optimize Hydration, Sipping Water, W.U.T. Status, Salt

01:10:58 Electrolytes, Carbohydrates & Exercise

01:15:44 InsideTracker

01:16:47 Training Fasted versus Fed, Caffeine, Carbohydrate Timing

01:25:13 Caffeine & Endurance

01:31:20 Citrulline, Beet Root Juice & Performance; Alpha-GPC & Focus, Nootropics

01:35:43 Rhodiola, Cortisol & Fatigue

01:39:55 Tool: Supplement Formulations

01:47:31 Supplements, Dependency & Root Cause; Foundational Behaviors

01:57:44 Acute vs. Chronic Effects, Supplements & Gut Microbiome 

02:02:33 Tool: Sleep Environment, Absolute Rest

02:11:03 Tools: Sleep & Disturbances, Inositol

02:20:03 Tool: “Fitness Fatigue” Model, Taper, Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

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My goal is to enhance the human condition by providing the world with in-depth and entertaining health.

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