Never a Better Time to Get in the Game

Never a Better Time to Get in the Game
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

The rise of Strength & Conditioning coaching as a legit CAREER went from super rare to widespread in a snap.

Yes, more growth is needed, but a recent survey of >2,000 people by the @nscaofficial showed encouraging results: a 22% ⬆️ in salaries since 2018 across high school, college, pros, tactical, and private.

Average salaries range from $60,527-$84,575.

You've also got the elite who just crossed the $1,000,000 a year threshold!

This career ain't going anywhere.

The NSCA also has a great resource for finding jobs in the field, swipe to see, if you're in the market.

Check out the full NSCA salary breakdown here:

Also, here is their job board if you’re looking for it:

If educational is your need, consider checking out our Masters program in S&C at @csufofficial - info can be found on the Dept of Kinesiology website and continue learning with us here on BioMolecular Asthelte.

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