What You've Never Heard About Creatine

What You've Never Heard About Creatine
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By Dr. Andy Galpin

This info is courtesy of @dr.darrencandow on the recent @barbell_shrugged podcast.

Your brain accounts for ~20% of your whole body energy demands. TBI, neurological degenerative diseases, and disorders are all partially characterized by dysfunctional brain bioenergetics and/or altered creatine metabolism.

In total, ~12 studies exist on creatine supplementation & brain creatine level. Typical result is an ⬆️of brain creatine by 5-10% (though highly variable).

Some preliminary findings indicate creatine supplementation MAY benefit patients with TBI. Much more info needed.

However, data are must more robust for creatine supplementation benefiting:

1. Cognition (p < 0.001)

2. Personality behavior (p < 0.001)

3. Self-care (p < 0.029)

4. Communication (p < 0.018)

In total:

Cognitive Function: 12 studies showed ⬆️, 3 showed no effects

Sleep Deprivation: 2 studies showed ⬆️cognitive function

ALS: 3 studies, no benefit

Musc. Dystrophy: 2 studies showed ⬆️in strength, function, and bone

Huntington's: 3 showed neurological ⬆️3 showed none

Parkinson's: 1 showed ⬆️ strength and function, 1 did not

MS: 3 found no benefit

Depression: 6 found some ⬆️ (when combined with Rx meds)

Anxiety & PTSD: 2 found some ⬆️in cognitive ability

The following are all basically myths or HIGHLY exaggerated side effects:

1. Chronic water retention

2. It's a steroid

3. Kidney/Liver damage

4. Hair loss/baldness

5. Dehydration

Since I know you'll ask, most quality companies use creatine monohydrate, and it's all equally effective, so you can get from any of them.

Link Below to the one I use from @live.momentous (note: affiliate link) - I think it currently has a discount associated, so not a bad time to get it.

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